Meth is bad news, period

  I was disturbed by the letter writer who proposed legalizing methamphetamines for oil field workers or anyone else who feels meth "helps" them (HCN, 11/28/05: The bright side of meth). Here in Hawaii, meth is considered the greatest reason for crime (auto theft, house break-ins and robberies), violence and family abuse.

Crystal meth, its popular form, is smoked in a pipe, and many physicians consider that "ice" ingestion will result in permanent brain damage and permanent addiction. Most prisoners in Hawaii are there because of ice.

I am a board member of a group which reintroduces parolees back into society using housing, jobs, peer support and counseling.

There is no bright side to meth, only despair, destroyed lives and ruined families. It is absolute folly to think you can use meth and not destroy everything important to you and those you love.

Lance Holter
Paia, Hawaii

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