Waiting for Santa Claus in Wyoming

  A Republican lawmaker in Wyoming wants to give each resident a $2,000 rebate from our mineral wealth (HCN, 11/28/05: Gold from the Gas Fields). A good idea, but it will never happen because most politicians don’t give a rat’s ass about the people who need such a rebate.

Wyoming coal production and delivery will be $15 per ton for 2006, up from $7 a year ago. The coal industry claims coal production is down because of railroad delays, but I see the track one block from my place with long coal trains day and night.

The Wyoming Legislature will never increase the severance tax on coal or even restore taxes imposed in the past. Yet they will increase sales tax, property tax and fuel tax.

The lawmakers like to claim that this permanent mineral trust fund is to benefit the people in the future, but it does nothing for today’s children.

So don’t wait for a cash rebate from mineral taxes. We have a better chance that Santa Claus will stop by and give us something for Christmas.

Al Hamburg
Torrington, Wyoming

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