Bigoted drivel

  Dear HCN,

We read the "Waaaaaahh" essay you published on the back page of HCN Feb. 20, and found it beyond insulting and beneath contempt. It made us sad to see you endorse such sweeping cruel generalizations and obvious vulgar innuendo. Sadder that it appeared just when polarizations and lack of trust over wolf, water and urbanization problems, among others, threaten our common future, East and West. You undid a lot of good here. That essay will be held up and quoted by many short-sighted Westerners who consider "environmentalist" a nasty word.

We subscribe to High Country News because we care about the long-term future of our family, the West, and our country. We want to be informed about the current issues of this region from sources we can respect as intelligent, and trust as honorable. We hope not to be confronted by such bigoted drivel in HCN again.

Rod McQueary and Sue Wallis

Deeth, Nevada

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