How to nominate an environmental innovator

  Hoping to galvanize the environmental movement in the United States, one of the biggest philanthropic organizations in the world began five years ago to give money directly to the country's best and brightest conservationists. It's the Pew Charitable Trust's Pew Scholars Program, which so far has doled out 50 grants of $150,000 to people from a variety of disciplines such as ecology, economics, philosophy and law. Recent scholars include Theo Colborn, a scientist at the World Wildife Fund who educates the public about the use of chemicals and their health effects, and Reed Noss, a conservation biologist and founder of the Wildlands Project. Noss is currently working to protect the biologically rich Klamath region of southern Oregon and northern California. Potential Pew scholars must be nominated and 10 are selected each year. This year, the nominating board has been reshaped to remove the institutional nominators and include 40 independent nominators. To find out more about the program, write to the Pew Scholars Program in Conservation and the Environment, School of Natural Resources and Environment, 430 East University, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1115 (313/936-2556).

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