The fight for Reclamation

March 20, 1995

New Commissioner of Reclamation Dan Beard seeks to make his agency more environmentally sensitive.


The fight for Reclamation
New Commissioner of Reclamation Dan Beard seeks to make his agency more environmentally sensitive.


Dams were built on breathless prose
A 1965 Bureau of Reclamation booklet declaimed the glories of building Glen Canyon Dam.
Grand Canyon flood postponed
A plan to let the Colorado River flood for one week through Grand Canyon is delayed, to the chagrin of environmentalists.
One project seems like the same old BuRec
Despite evidence it's a boondoggle, Southwestern Colorado's Animas-LaPlata is still slated for construction in order to meet treaty obligations to Ute Indian tribes.
So far, it is the rivers of the region that have suffered
An excerpt from T.H. Watkins' Stone Time describes how Major John Wesley Powell tried to warn people 100 years ago that there was not enough water in the West to irrigate as they desired.

Book Reviews

How to nominate an environmental innovator
The Pew Scholars Program rewards environmentalists with grants.
Our hot legacy
The Department of Energy publishes a book, Closing the Circle on the Splitting of the Atom, about the problems of nuclear waste disposal.
You can't cut them all
The General Accounting Office finds that the Forest Service overestimates the number of trees it can cut from Northwest forests.
Gambling with small towns
A University of Colorado study, Win, Lost or Draw? Gambling with America's Small Towns, finds that the three Colorado towns that allow gambling are largely unhappy with the consequences.
Tales from the West
The Stories that Shape Us: Contemporary Women Write about the West offers essays by 26 writers.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends
Spring visitors, new interns Elizabeth Manning and Karen McDonald, odds and ends.


Counties may shrink Utah wilderness
Utah Gov. Leavitt's insistance that local communities must support new wilderness designation makes environmentalists nervous.
Governor shoots wolf bounty bill
Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer vetoes bill that would have placed $1,000 bounty on wolves shot outside Yellowstone National Park.
Not the whole story
Recent survey shows that 58 percent of Hells Canyon area residents support protecting the area's natural environment, even if jobs are at risk.
Mescaleros now vote yes
Mescalero Apaches reverse themselves and vote in favor of storing radioactive waste on their New Mexico reservation.
Study or preserve: Ideals collide at Arizona park
Defenders of Wildlife stirs controversy when it hands the ranch Lucille Kannally willed to the group over to a government agency to develop as an education center.
Agency kills wolf by mistake
The Animal Damage Control program accidentally kills one of Idaho's newly reintroduced wolves in a coyote trap.
R.S. 2477 detoured again
Department of Interior delays deadline for resolving a dispute over R.S. 2477, which encourages road building on public lands.
Life among the ruins
A subdivision in southwestern Colorado allows buyers to build houses around Anasazi ruins.
Soft energy may shred Wyoming raptors
A planned Kenetech wind turbine site in Wyoming may endanger the raptors that hunt and migrate in the area.
Reward offered in rampage of eagle poaching
A slew of eagle-poaching incidents in southwest Idaho may be linked to illegal wildlife trade.
Feds flex their muscles
Federal attorneys sue Nye County, Nev., for claiming that Nevada owns public lands.
Wolves feel the urge
Some of the wolves reintroduced to Yellowstone are trying to breed.
Forest's real estate urge goes year-round
Gunnison Forest Supervisor Bob Storch creates another access controversy in western Colorado by giving a road-plowing permit.


You say you want to cut government spending? Kick off cows
An open letter to Congress recommends that it save federal money by removing cows from public lands. Opinion.
Slash and burn
Getting rid of federal agencies such as the Energy Department, Bonneville Power Administration, Animal Damage Control and others will save money and protect the West, writer believes. Opinion.


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