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HCN welcomes new board member Luther Propst, the executive director of the Sonoran Institute. The nonprofit institute works with Western communities to promote stewardship, conservation and local economies.


University of Denver associate geography professor Don Sullivan dropped in with a pack of students after being snowed off nearby Grand Mesa, where the class was planning to study peat bogs. After a tour of the office and a talk with HCN Editor Greg Hanscom, the crew headed West, looking for warmer climes and a lesson on the geology of the Colorado Plateau.

Pat Cavicchioni of Saratoga, Wyo., told us about a new documentary about drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. For more information, see www.linktv.org and search for "Oil on Ice," the film’s title.

Returning from nearby Delta, Larry O’Neill of Elizabeth, Colo., and Andrew Hong of Aurora, Colo., dropped in for a visit. Longtime subscribers Sinjin and Jill Eberle, of Denver, Colo., also stopped by during a camping trip in the nearby mountains.

Standley Scott, a subscriber from Palo Alto, Calif., picked up some back issues and said hello to Betsy Marston, whom he’d recently met at Stanford. Fred Leissler and Eleanor Gray of Reno, Nev., dropped by on their way to Crested Butte. Kris and Craig Freundlichwere camping in Utah and admiring the aspen before returning home to Madison, Wis.


For the fourth year in a row, HCN stories have won awards from the Society of Environmental Journalists. Northern Rockies Editor Ray Ring recently took third place in the outstanding explanatory reporting category for three stories on environmental politics: "Shooting Spree" (HCN, 5/10/04: Shooting Spree), "Conservationist in a Conservative Land," (HCN, 11/22/04: Conservationist in a Conservative Land) and "Where were the environmentalists when Libby needed them most?" (HCN, 2/21/05: Where were the environmentalists when Libby needed them most?).


The correct address for the "I See By Your Outfit" 2006 calendar mentioned in "Heard Around the West" is P.O. Box 5833, Helena, MT 59604 (HCN, 9/19/05: Heard around the West).

Several readers wrote to note that we misspelled Lottis Creek, and that the Union Park Reservoir is actually closer to Gunnison than to Lake City (HCN, 9/19/05: Judge leaves Front Range cities mile-high and dry).

In our article on exurbia, we quoted Luther Propst as saying that "Under the tax code, you are obligated to turn (profit from the sale of a home) back into housing …" (HCN, 6/13/05: How dense can we be?). However, most individual homeowners can realize a $250,000 gain on the sale of their residence before having to pay capital gains tax.