Fighting the Las Vegas 'water grab'

  Matt Jenkins’ excellent article on what we here in Snake Valley refer to as "the water grab" explains the long-range scientific concerns that we share (HCN, 9/18/05: Squeezing water from a stone).

But as Jenkins points out, the "money and power" reside in Las Vegas. Indeed, the Southern Nevada Water Authority is paying the costs of the environmental impact statement and using hydrology studies that they created in-house. If they are as concerned about the science as they claim, they could provide the funding for White Pine County to fund an independent study.

Though we have the moral high ground and righteous indignation by the tons, we need help. Anyone interested in assisting us with scientific knowledge, manpower or monetary contributions, please contact the following: Snake Valley Citizens Alliance, Jamille Baker, P.O. Box 125, Baker, NV 89311, [email protected]

Denys M. Koyle
Baker, Nevada

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