Parriott offers a fair solution

  Jeremy Parriott’s idea of having private parks instead of relatively pristine public land for mechanized road-rippers represents a fair solution for tree-huggers and trail-trashers alike (HCN, 8/22/05: His playground pulls fun hogs off the public lands).

Such a scheme would help save fragile plants and animals, prevent erosion, and give off-roaders a place to frolic.

There are almost no places that specialized earth-ripping vehicles cannot negotiate, and it appears that for their manufacturers (just view their ads), promoters and drivers, no more fun can be had than in tearing up living ecosystems. But these drivers should have a place to ply their activities, however destructive. That’s the American way.

If motorheads want to "enjoy nature" by tearing it up, let them do it in their own backyards.

R. Kiefer
Golden, Colorado

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