Stop picking on Pombo

  In Greg Hanscom’s July 25 editor’s note, he states that Wyoming is riding its current oil and gas boom like a meth-crazed bronc rider. That’s some analogy, Mr. Hanscom. I thought most cowboys were pretty straight. From viewing your picture in the column, you have more of the appearance of most dope-heads that I have seen in my lifetime.

How can HCN devote seven pages to bashing Congressman Richard Pombo? He has a good reputation in the Tracy, Calif., area, and he and his family are well-known and well-liked for what they have put back into the community. Sure, they have sold a lot of property in central California. That is the business they are in. They are land brokers.

You were quick to point out that Mr. Pombo did not graduate from college. What does that make him, a dummy or something? If my memory is correct, President Truman did not graduate from college either. It’s nice to see a rancher in Congress.

HCN should try to educate readers on how to improve the environment. How about articles on banning snowmobiles, motorboats, ATVs, Jet Skis and the likes from more of our public lands? Work on that for a while. And then let’s work on banning firearms from all public lands. That would make me feel safer.

John Koenig
Elk Grove, California

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