Leave sociology coverage to National Geographic

  I have subscribed to HCN on and off since I met my husband 20 years ago (he introduced me to the paper) because of its coverage of environmental news. When I read in the notes on the board meeting a month ago that someone from Washington state thinks HCN should cover news other than environmental news, I didn’t take it seriously. HCN has always stood for environmental news. Thus, I was very upset to see so many pages in the most recent issue devoted to sociology (HCN, 8/8/05: The Gangs of Zion).

I also subscribe to National Geographic, which is where I get my cultural news. I pay for HCN because I value its environmental information. HCN helps keep me informed so that I can spread the word in conversations, write my representatives, and vote appropriately. I will discontinue HCN if you continue in the direction indicated by the "Gangs of Zion" article. I can get that news elsewhere; I depend on HCN for environmental news.

Kathy Crooks
No location given

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