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Know the West

A balanced story on an unbalanced man

  Matt Weiser’s profile of Rep. Richard Pombo was a reading experience I will long savor (HCN, 7/25/05: Will the real Mr. Pombo please stand up?). While the content is extremely depressing to anyone who gives a damn about the environment, the depth of research that went into the piece is worthy of high praise, as is Weiser’s attempt to balance a story about someone who is clearly out of balance and out of control.

Pombo’s total lack of ethics, to say nothing of his misguided intentions with regard to the environment, is frightening. The scandals described in the sidebar on page 13 add up to an indictment that I would hope voters in the man’s district won’t overlook the next time they go to the polls.

Glenn Himebaugh
Murfreesboro, Tennessee