A return to feudalism

  The BLM’s new grazing rules are a farce (HCN, 7/25/05: New grazing rules ride on doctored science). Tony Davis’ article says the new rules allow extended rest. The opposite is true; I believe the new rules prohibit more than one year of rest. The people I knew before I retired from BLM were in on the rewrites. They were all brown-nosers. Erick Campbell and Bill Brookes were not, and had to go.

Your article on Richard Pombo illustrates the legislative side of the administration’s attack on the environment. Pombo is not changing spots. Speak softly, but keep using the big stick.

These folks want a return to feudalism. If you don’t believe it, just read between the lies they use to seize the public domain for the control and ownership of their corporate lords and ladies.

Doug Troutman
Lakeview, Oregon

(Note from the editors: The new BLM grazing rule removes the restriction that limited temporary non-use of a grazing permit to three consecutive years. Instead, livestock operators must apply for a non-use permit each year and the BLM will determine if continued non-use is "justified.")

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