HCN real estate ads smack of hypocrisy

  In "How Dense Can We Be?" HCN decries large lot development in exurbia (HCN, 6/13/05: How dense can we be?). The article says that buying large lots away from the city is bad: Exurbs are a fire hazard, require more infrastructure, and residents have to drive long distances to get anywhere.

Then, in the Unclassifieds, you advertise a "small ranch or farm or getaway haven" sitting on seven acres of land in Colorado with "1,000 feet of river frontage; water rights; electricity at the river; on-site boating access; stone wall entrance; excellent DSL connectivity; city water ..." The property includes a 3,000-square-foot garage with large storage/work area and a 4,000-square-foot barn with electricity in addition to a nice house.

It’s good to know that HCN doesn’t let its environmental and leftward-leaning editorial conscience get in the way of its capitalistic need to make money.

J. Smith
Richland, Washington

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