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House Resources Committee press release headlines


Note: This article is a sidebar to this issue's feature story, "Will the real Mr. Pombo please stand up?"

The Road to Energy Independence: Making America World's Top Oil Producer
June 29, 2005

U.S. is the Saudi Arabia of Oil Shale
June 21, 2005

Energy Subcommittee to Study Effects of Wildlands Project Land Grab
June 15, 2005

No Listing Decision for Sage-grouse Good News for Species Recovery
Dec. 3, 2004

America has no shortage of oil. Washington has a shortage of political will to let American workers go get it.
Sept. 28, 2004

Frivolous Enviro Lawsuits Hurt Economy, Environment & Taxpayer
Sept. 14, 2004

Yellowstone Snowmobile Ban Leaves Working Families in the Cold
January 28, 2004

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