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Know the West

Multiple firefighter fatalities in the United States in wildland fires, 1900-present


Note: This article is a sidebar to this issue's feature story, How the West's asbestos fires were turned into tinderboxes.

No. of fatalities - Year - Location

78 1910 Forest fire, Idaho

25 1933 Griffith Park, Calif.

15 1953 Rattlesnake fire, Mendocino National Forest, Calif.

15 1937 Blackwater, Wyo.,Shoshone National Forest

14 1994 South Canyon fire, Glenwood Springs, Colo.

13 1949 Mann Gulch, Mont., Helena National Forest

12 1966 Loop, Calif., Angeles National Forest

11 1956 Inaja, Calif., Cleveland National Forest

11 1943 Hauser Creek, Calif., Cleveland National Forest

*Wildland includes forest, brush and grass fires. Firefighters include members of municipal fire departments, as well as career, seasonal and contract employees of state and federal wildland agencies who are involved in assigned firefighter activities at the time they were fatally injured.

Firefighter fatalities based on incidents known to National Fire Protection Association or the U.S. Forest Service. Source: Sacramento Bee

Fires '94

From May to early October, the 1994 fire season was "the most intense anyone can remember," with

* 4,083,471 acres burned,

* 79,144 fires reported to the national fire center

* 25,000 federal, state and military personnel fighting fires.

* From 1994 Fire Season at a Glance, National Interagency Fire Center, Boise, Idaho.