The fires next time

March 6, 1995

It's not a fluke, it's not just the drought, and it's not careless smokers. Decades of all-out logging and all-out fire suppression torched Yellowstone in 1988, ignited the fatal Colorado fire last summer, and set the stage for the thousands of fires in between.


How the West's asbestos fires were turned into tinderboxes
Decades of over-logging and fire suppression set the stage for deadly, destructive forest fires throughout the West.


Excerpts from Hellroaring: The Life and Times of a Fire Bum
Peter M. Leschak reminisces about firefighting in his book Hellroaring: The Life and Times of a Fire Bum.
After the fire comes the real devastation
The trauma caused by super-hot fires continues long after the flames are put out.
Excerpts from Flame and Fortune; Quote from Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt
Quotes from Stephen J. Pyne and Bruce Babbitt acknowledge the need to change attitudes toward fire.
'Indifference' caused deaths
A report by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration blames Forest Service and BLM "indifference" and "willful safety violations" for deaths of 14 firefighters in Colorado.
Excerpts from South Canyon Fire Accident InvestigationTeam report
Quote from smokejumper Kevin Erickson depicts dramatic scene as fire overcomes 14 firefighters in the South Canyon Fire in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
Bill would fight fire with chain saws
Idaho Sen. Larry Craig proposes a bill to give fast-track approval to timber sales in forests at "high risk" for fire danger.
Motorized beasts are noisy and stinky - and fun
Seeing Yellowstone by snowmobile is understandably entertaining.


Pride and Glory of firefighting is hard to resist
Pride and Glory of firefighting is hard to resist
Former firefighter Louise Wagenknecht says the rush at firefighting is as powerful as any drug.


The word according to a weighty Republican
Alaska Republican Don Young, new chairman of the House Resource Committee, denounces environmentalism and offers his own conservative philosophy.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends
Odds and ends; change of address advice


Logging protesters say they won't give up
Activists face arrest for protesting Cove-Mallard timber sale.
How Montana fouled a family's water
Cyanide from a defunct gold mill has contaminated Jan and David Zimmerman's well water.
Road plan gets rough reception
A Forest Service plan to close roads made by all-terrain vehicles provokes angry reaction from ATV users.
James Watt charged with felonies
Former Interior Secretary James Watt is indicted by a federal grand jury for lying to Congress and obstructing an investigation of fraud.
Yellowstone snowmobile crowd may hit limit
The winter influx of snowmobiles into Yellowstone creates problems.
A delicate question: When is an arch crowded?
Arches National Park uses pilot program to measure how many people are too many people at Delicate Arch.
No more free lunch
Muckleshoot Indian Tribe seeks to harvest troublesome sea lions.
Hunter-harassment law stands
The Supreme Court refuses to overturn Montana's "hunter-harassment" law.


Democrats resort to banana bread
Formerly powerful California Democrats George Miller and Henry Waxman are lost in the new, Republican Washington.


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