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Know the West

Climbers not just 'rock jocks'

  Thank you for covering the recent controversy over the potential devastation of Oak Flats, a popular bouldering and camping area just outside of Phoenix (HCN, 4/4/05: Rock jocks fight a mining company).

But I am increasingly frustrated with High Country News and its staff for portraying climbers in a condescending manner. This is the third news story to involve climbers in so many years, each referring to climbers or boulderers as "rock jocks." The term "rock jock" implies an insensitive, even stupid person who is in it for the rush. Many climbers I know dedicate themselves to protecting and preserving our public lands. Please stop stereotyping a large group of people that you clearly do not understand just to print a clever title.

Chrissy Sloan
Carbondale, Colorado