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Know the West

Eliza Murphy captures the West

  I would like to commend HCN on running Eliza Murphy’s story, "The Asphalt Graveyard," as the cover story (HCN, 2/7/05: Caught in the Headlights).

I’m embarrassed to say I had never thought much about roadkill before meeting Eliza, last year at the University of Montana’s Environmental Writing Institute. I was struck then, as I am now, by Eliza’s unique perspective and strong voice.

"The Asphalt Graveyard" captures Eliza’s passion for wildlife, her knack with people, and her commitment to making this crazy world of ours make just a little more sense.

Moreover, the story captures the West: the people, the critters, the heartaches. The experience. Yet it does so in a way that is something of a departure for HCN. Eliza’s story is just that — a story. It’s human, it’s emotional, it’s intellectual. It ain’t "just the facts, ma’am." And that’s okay.

Hope Miller
Salt Lake City, Utah