Cleanup effort is no 'flop'

  HCN reported that "the first major test of the stricter mining trust fund standards established during the Clinton administration has been a flop" (HCN, 12/20/04: Followup). This is in reference to a recent BLM decision relating to the Phoenix Mine project near Battle Mountain, Nev.

In fact, Newmont is being held to the highest standard ever applied by the BLM to a mining project. Concurrent reclamation will occur during mining to mitigate any documented impact from mining activity. Monitoring will occur throughout the life of this project and even after mining activity is completed to determine whether the models we used in our analysis reflect actual events. If our monitoring indicates that additional mitigation is required, we are prepared, and will have access to private funding sources to pay for these actions.

I am proud of the work the BLM employees perform to ensure that the public’s lands are managed in compliance with applicable laws and consistent with land-use plans. We take our jobs seriously and work hard to maintain the public’s trust. I am disappointed that HCN does not apply those same principles to reporting.

Bob Abbey,
Bureau of Land Management
Reno, Nevada

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