No more ignoring the obvious: Idaho sucks itself dry

February 20, 1995

Overpumping has drained Idaho's Snake River aquifer until rivers like the Big Lost run dry.


No more ignoring the obvious: Idaho sucks itself dry
Overpumping has drained Idaho's Snake River acquifer until rivers like the Big Lost run dry.


River purity is a new goal for all sorts offarmers
Catfish farmer Don Campbell is one of many Idaho farmers who want to help restore the Snake River.
Environmentalists and feds try to save Idaho's rivers
Environmental groups seek federal remedies to improve the Snake River's flows.
Freed wolves roam up to 20 miles a day
The 14 wolves reintroduced in Idaho give Fish and Wildlife trackers a run for their money.


1995: Cecil Andrus knew how to take a stand
1995: Cecil Andrus knew how to take a stand
Former Idaho governor Cecil Andrus leaves a legacy of environmental reform - and controversy - behind him.
Waaaaaaaaaaaahh! The West refuses to be weaned
A Chicago columnist castigates the supposedly independent West as "an overgrown brat."

Book Reviews

Grass-roots strategy for salmon
Save Our Wild Salmon coalition comes up with its own salmon recovery plan.
Enjoyment enough to kill
The Wild Muir: Twenty-two of John Muir's Greatest Adventures is a delightful anthology of Muir's writings.
Wheel Your Way through Winter
The video Driving Snow offers advice for winter driving in the West.
Trimming pork the green way
The Green Scissors Report offers environmental suggestions for trimming federal budget.
Want to sponsor a wolf?
Wolf Education and Research Center encourages people to contribute directly to wolf restoration.
Bare land at Bear Lake
Utah Power & Light wants to dredge at drought-plagued Bear Lake.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends
Chip Rawlins' burlesque opera "The Merchants of Menace," corrections, weather and visitors.


Governor overrules voters
Republican Gov. Fife Symington overrules Arizona voters on takings legislation.
Sue stays put
The Supreme Court ruled that FBI agents acted correctly when they confiscated a valuable allosaur fossil, nicknamed "Sue," in South Dakota.
Trumpeter swans play through
Utah's first trumpeter swans are settling at a golf course near St. George.
Apaches send a signal to nuclear industry
Mescalero Apache Rufina Laws led successful fight to keep a nuclear-waste storage site off the reservation.
Called on the carpet
The new, Republican-dominated House Resources Committee lambasts Bruce Babbitt for reintroducing wolves in the West.
Jackson voters say yes to planning
Jackson, Wyo., voters approve an extensive set of new zoning and land-use regulations.
Holy water
A part-time farmer in drought-stricken northeast Oregon founds "church" to obtain umlimited water use.
Salmon campaign fractures over how to include people
An injunction on mining, logging and grazing on six Idaho forests provokes huge community reaction and creates divisions among environmentalists.
From freedom to FedEx: Wolf B13 killed
Nine days after her release in Idaho, a reintroduced wolf is killed when she attacks a calf.
Forest activists retrench and grope for support
Pessimism and anxiety mark the fourth Western Ancient Forest Conference in Ashland, Ore.
Was cleanup a "taking'?
The company that owns the land on which the disastrous Summitville Mine sits files "takings" suit against the state and federal government.
Salmon plan attacked
Environmentalists are critical of government's latest plan to save salmon.
Utah wilderness bill under way
A proposed wilderness bill for Utah leaves environmentalists unsatisfied.
Grazing fees drop
Grazing fees decrease instead of being raised on federal lands.


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