Keepers of the Flame

November 8, 2004

A new generation of fire managers works with fire, rather than just fighting it. Also in this issue: Ski bums try to survive in Ketchum, Idaho; the Sierras get a conservancy, and a river gnaws away at a tribal reservation


Keepers of the Flame
Black Range District Fire Manager Toby Richards is returning fire to its natural place on New Mexico’s Gila National Forest – and leading the charge for Fire Use in the West.

Editor's Note

New ways to work in the woods
The National Network of Forest Practitioners restores forests and streams while creating sustainable jobs in local communities

Uncommon Westerners

Saving wildlife, one animal at a time: Veterinarian Kathleen Ramsay
Veterinarian Kathleen Ramsay founded The Wildlife Center in Espanola, N.M., to treat and rehabilitate sick and injured wildlife


American — and proud of it
There’s nothing like a trip to Europe to make an American appreciate living in a country that still has wilderness.

Book Reviews

Think global (warming,) act local
The Rocky Mountain Climate Organization, a new Colorado nonprofit, is taking a local approach to the global problem of climate change
An unfinished life in Wyoming
Wyoming writer Mark Spragg’s new novel, An Unfinished Life, explores the universal territory of a fractured family’s life

Writers on the Range

Who took the 'farm' out of the Farm Bureau?
Despite its name, the Farm Bureau doesn't care much for farmers.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West
Friendly moose killed; San Juan Horseshoe spoofs hunters; not an "easy to moderate" mountain climb in Wyoming; meteorite drops in; persnickety about pumpkins in Puyallup; hit-and-run by clown at Burning Man Festival

Dear Friends

Dear friends
Election results will be in the next issue; Auden Schendler makes electricity in Snowmass, Colo.; visitors


Judge vaporizes Yellowstone snowmobile ban
Judge Clarence Brimmer strikes down Clinton's ban on snowmobiles in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, but another lawsuit may still bring limits on traffic
Owyhee Canyonlands wilderness comes closer to Idaho; Bush funds CALFED; oil and gas brings money to Rocky Mountain states; National Wildlife Federation says federal Conservation Reserve Program is abused
The Sierra gets 'a pocket' for conservation funding
California creates the Sierra Nevada Conservancy in order to funnel state money toward buying and protecting land in the region
River turns against a salmon tribe
The tiny Hoh Indian Reservation on the northwestern coast of Washington is in danger of being washed away by its namesake river
A new breed of 'ski bums' is anything but
Young people in booming Ketchum, Idaho, struggle to make a living and find an affordable place to stay


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