Kerry cares about Indians

  In a recent question and answer session at a conference for minority journalists, a Native American panelist asked George Bush about his view of tribal sovereignty in the 21st century.

Bush’s answer clearly showed he pays little attention to Native American issues. He babbled that sovereignty was "just that, sovereignty." The audience laughed awkwardly at the short response. He went on to insult all Native Americans, explaining that tribes had been "given" sovereignty. This should concern every Native American. The president failed to notice that Native Americans were here first. They were sovereign nations long before the United States was born.

It is time to elect a president who understands and respects Native Americans. John Kerry knows that tribal sovereignty is NOT an entitlement "given" by the U.S. government. He’s well aware that education and health care are two primary issues to Native Americans. He’s committed to creating a new cabinet position in the White House held by a Native American which would specifically focus on Native American issues. John Kerry will fight for their civil rights because he’s taken the time to learn about them. He cares, unlike Bush.

Paul Dillon
Alamosa, Colorado

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