Second homes, by the numbers


Note: This article is a sidebar to this issue's feature story, "Part-Time Paradise."

Percentage that Summit County's population has grown since 1990: 98

Percentage of Summit County homes that are second homes: 67

Percentage of second homes in five Colorado mountain counties occupied from April to June: 12

Percentage of second-home owners in Pitkin County who plan to become full-time residents: 2

Percentage change from 1990-2000 of Aspen residents in their 30s: -10

Percentage change for same period of residents in their 50s: +129

Billions of dollars of Eagle County real estate sold in 2000: 1.7

Number of jobs created to build a 3,000-plus square-foot home: 18.7

Percentage of Eagle County homes with 7,000 square feet or more that are second homes: 68

Millions of baby boomers who will have reached peak second-home buying age by 2020: 83

Percentage of Pitkin County nonresidents who shop locally for clothes: 42

Percentage of locals who do: 8

Factor by which second-home owners outspend residents on lawn care: 5

SOURCES: Linda Venturoni, Northwest Colorado Council of Governments, Mick Ireland, The Denver Post, American Demographics

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