History repeats itself

  Tony Davis’ article, "A Thirst for Growth," once again reminds me that history does repeat itself if we don’t heed the warnings left by our predecessors (HCN, 8/30/04: A Thirst for Growth). I think back on family trips to Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon in the late 1960s. At the time, the big unanswered question, invariably asked by the National Park Service guides, was, "What caused the Anasazi Indians who once flourished in these areas to disappear?" I hope modern anthropologists are paying close attention, because unless environmental conditions change for the better and we somehow find the political backbone and leadership to check uncontrolled population growth in the West, many communities are on the verge of finding out exactly what happened to the Anasazi Indians.

Dan Neher
Lakewood, California
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