• Vote Nader cartoon

    John S. Pritchett
  This election day, Arizonans will decide who can vote in future elections — and what they’ll have to bring with them to the polls. Proposition 200, or the Arizona Tax Payer and Citizen Protection Act initiative, would prevent noncitizens from voting, require all voters to present identification at the polls, and also require state and local employees to notify federal authorities if a "suspected undocumented immigrant" seeks public benefits, such as social services or schooling. The Washington, D.C.-based Federation for American Immigration Reform has backed the proposition, while the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund has vowed a legal challenge if the measure passes.

Utah is the land of red-rock canyons and great skiing — and it could soon have cleaner rivers and more open space, too. If passed, Initiative 1 would allow the state to borrow $150 million in bonds and direct that money toward the preservation of farms, ranches, historical sites and wildlife habitat, as well as natural history and cultural museums and stream-restoration projects. The debt from the bonds would be paid back with a one-twentieth of 1 cent increase in statewide sales and use tax.

It’s final — at least for now — that Ralph Nader can run as an independent candidate for president in New Mexico, where he received 4 percent of the state vote during the 2000 presidential election. After the secretary of state approved Nader’s name on the ballot, the state’s Democratic Party sued, challenging his candidacy. Two state judges ruled in favor of the Democrats, saying Nader didn’t qualify as an "independent" candidate because he was running as the nominee for minor parties, such as the Reform Party, in other states. But at the end of September, the state Supreme Court ordered his name to be printed on the ballot.
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