Dear friends

  • Erik Sparling, with son Felix, came all the way from Ottawa


End of summer swarms

During the tail end of August, as the last cobs of sweet corn were cut and sold, and local farmers began transforming their fields from verdant rows of uniform green to mazes for kids to run through, visitors flocked to High Country News.

Colorado subscribers included Bobbie and Roy Wright from Denver, Steve and Donna Mullen from Lyons, Brian Ross from Boulder, and Paul Ellner and Jackie Creasy from just outside Boulder.

Plenty of folks from California came through, too: Kevin Hallaran and Stephanie Pocock from Riverside; Jeanne and Fred Golding from Laguna Beach; Julie Sheer and Molly the chocolate lab from Pasadena; and Ken Decker and his Siberian husky from Santee. Leonardi Ward and Barbara Juniper stopped through en route to a surprise birthday party for Leonardi’s brother, Bob Ward, editor of the Aspen Times.

Bill and Tom Patterson also stopped by. Tom, who lives in Ross, Calif., was on the tail end of a western road trip that included a visit to his parents’ ranch outside of Grand Junction, Colo. Both Tom and Bill are involved in land conservation — Bill recently put a conservation easement on his ranch with the help of the Mesa County Land Trust, and Tom serves as an advisor for the Montana Land Reliance.

Another father-and-son team, Erik and Felix Sparling, came through the office to renew their subscription and to visit the latest addition to editor Greg Hanscom’s family. Erik and his wife, Caroline, live in Ottawa, where Erik works for, near as we can tell, Canada’s version of the U.S. Council on Environmental Quality, which advises the prime minister on environmental policy issues.

Empty nest syndrome strikes again

Although we’re always sad when our interns leave Paonia at the end of their four-month stints, we’re also proud of them. Many still write for HCN,while others have gone on to careers in environmental activism, law and the sciences. Recently, three have scored full-time reporting jobs: Rosemary Winters with the Salt Lake Tribune, Zachary Smith at the Santa Fe Reporter and Dan Wilcock at the Colorado Springs Independent. Keep your eyes peeled for the bylines of these rising stars.


Helen Rudie dropped us an e-mail about a mistake in the "Journey of the Corps of Discovery" map we ran with our story about Lewis and Clark in the Aug. 16 issue. It was Clark, not Lewis, who floated down the Yellowstone River to join the Missouri River at Fort Berthold. And Mike Amundson, associate professor of history at Northern Arizona University, writes about the map: "It shows Clark (dots) going north to the Blackfeet on the return trip rather than Lewis (dashes). Lewis’s famous run-in (where he left a Jefferson Peace medal around the neck of the man he shot) is briefly discussed in the last lines of page 11 and the first of page 12." We apologize for any confusion; the mapmaker accidentally switched names in the legend.

Michael Bullerman also let us know we incorrectly captioned a photo of his in our "Greening of the Plains" story in the Aug. 2 issue. The people pictured were collecting purple prairieclover — not branched oak seeds — at Branched Oak Lake State Recreation Area.

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