The U.S. Geological Survey is sponsoring a conference, Working Together to Ensure the Future of Wild Trout, at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The conference, which will be held from Sept. 20-22, will feature discussions concerning everything from balancing native, introduced and invasive fish species, controlling non-point source pollution and talking to the public about fisheries science.
Robert Carline: 814-865-4511

Join the Canadian Institute of Forestry and the Society of American Foresters for their joint annual meeting, One Forest Under Two Flags, from Oct. 2-6 in Edmonton, Alberta. Topics of discussion will include forest management, sustainable forestry and climate change.
Jeff Ghannam: 301-897-8720

The Fourth International Conference on Pharmaceuticals and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Water will be held in Minneapolis from Oct. 13 to 15. Topics will include antibiotics in tap water, drug-resistant bacteria in rivers, and male fish becoming female.
Cliff Treyens: 800-551-7379
[email protected]

The Wildlife Conservation Expo will be held in Los Altos Hills, Calif., Oct. 16-17. The program showcases conservationists’ work on endangered species.
Alicia Falsetto: 650-949-3533