The wolves are back, big time

February 6, 1995

The first wolves return to Yellowstone amid much fanfare and mixed reactions.


The wolves are back, big time
The first wolves return to Yellowstone amid much fanfare and mixed reactions.


Happy pack of journalists pursues quarry
Wolf reintroduction creates a media circus.
One bullet prompted regret
Sheep rancher Leo Cottenoir regrets that he shot Yellowstone's last wolf in 1943.
This mating is no game
Federal biologists play matchmaker with Yellowstone's newly arrived wolves.
Wolves may not need Big Brother
Wolf biologist Diane Boyd believes reintroduction is a mistake.
Canada provides $2000 wolves
Canadian Gerald Gustavson was among 10 trappers hired to capture wolves for Yellowstone.
Not much fuss over wolves in Canada
Canadians don't understand why Americans are so anxious about wolves.


In surprising ways, wolves will restore natural balance
The return of wolves to Yellowstone will affect an entire ecosystem.

Dear Friends

Dear friends
Death of reporter Jim Stiak; HCN board meeting report; Cascadia Times; Visitors.


New governor accepts nuclear waste
Idaho's new Governor Philip E. Batt agrees to accept 11 railroad-carried casks of nuclear waste from the U.S. Navy.
Race alarms public; methane project doesn't
Public ignores proposed coal-bed methane project while commenting loudly on cross-country race in Utah.
Idaho salmon suit angers locals
Judge rules that six Idaho national forests must cease mining, logging and grazing until effects on salmon are studied.
Behemoth sturgeon struggle to survive
Dams and fishing have almost destroyed the Snake River's giant white sturgeon.
It takes a thief
The introduction of sea lampreys is one of many possibilities considered for controlling invasive lake trout in Yellowstone Lake.
Ranchers backed
New Mexico poll shows citizens sympathetic to ranchers.
Wolves gain support
Seventy percent of Coloradoans would welcome the return of gray wolves to the state.


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