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Know the West

HCN provides solace

  I was drawn to HCN a year or so ago, when I read somewhere that HCN was the paper for people who care about the West. My first exposure to the sacrificing of the West for the good of the nation was the Trinity atomic bomb explosion — I was in the fourth grade in Albuquerque. I came home from Korea, moved to Durango to escape the influx of Texans into New Mexico, just in time to see the construction of the Four Corners power plant — another sacrifice of the West for the good of the nation. The Texans ruined New Mexico and followed me to Durango; they are kinda like locusts. So I fled north and, 41 years ago, found sanctuary in Montana. Not too many Texans here; too cold, I guess. But alas! A greater evil was here before me — Anaconda. And another one, Westmoreland, was right on my heels.

I am 68 years old now. I care about the West like it is my life, for it is. I am tired now and a bit pessimistic. HCN is my only solace. The reader who dislikes environmental reporting is a fool; he does not realize that you are merely writing the obituaries of the West. And the reader who thinks you are too political is a naive child. The current administration in D.C. and the wealthy, conservative, corporate lapdogs in the House and Senate are hell-bent on destroying the West for political power and personal, monetary gain.

Keep up the fine reporting and excellent writing. You folks do a fine and much-needed job.

Sam Sperry
Helena, Montana