What a long strange trip it's been

January 23, 1995

Denver International Airport may become a giant boondoggle.


The West sings the Denver airport blues
Denver International Airport may become a giant boondoggle.


Ambition becomes a megamess
The history of Denver International Airport, like that of other Western megaprojects, is the history of a megamess.
Plucky 'Batman and Robin' make an airport their case
Retired engineers Paul Earle and Jim Buck are two of DIA's most persistent critics.

Dear Friends

Dear friends
Special issue on DIA, visitors, reporters in Yellowstone waiting for wolves.


'Wise-use' laws challenged
Greater Gila Biodiversity Project and Gila Watch file suit against Catron County's "wise-use" ordinances.
A Newtonian vision
Ultra-conservatives want to turn over public lands and national parks to the states and strip budgets of Interior and the Forest Service.
Are grizzlies safe?
Federal biologists say grizzlies are "recovered" and no longer need endangered species protection in greater Yellowstone area.
Imported wolves lope off into Idaho wilderness
Four wolves are returned to Idaho's Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness.
So far, wolf reintroduction survives legal challenge
Legal wrangling over wolf reintroduction persists until the last minute.
Developer paralyzes Jackson's new plan
Developer Jere Bishop stymies Jackson's new zoning master plan.
Feds targeted by louder thunder from below
More than 500 attend conservative Western summit in January.
Yellowstone bison guts pile up
Bison straying from Yellowstone into Montana are slaughtered because of brucellosis fears.
White Mesa Utes beat back Superfund tailings
White Mesa Utes defeat DOE's plans to dump hazardous waste on land surround their reservation.
Babbitt cedes grazing reform to Congress
Bruce Babbitt gives up on grazing reform.
Bidding war shakes up Idaho grazing leases
Ranchers bid against each other and the Idaho Watersheds Project for grazing leases on Idaho state land.
Option 9 survives
Judge upholds Clinton administration's Option 9 plan for forest management.
L-P coughs up
Louisiana-Pacific must pay settlement to Olathe, Colorado, families who sued under Clean Air Act.
Forest Service may finally evaluate grazing
Environmental lawsuit demands the Forest Service do analyses for 150 grazing allotments on the Beaverhead National Forest.
Wilderness trader cashes in
Developer Tom Chapman makes huge profit trading his wilderness inholding in the West Elks Wilderness for land near Telluride.


An ersatz democracy gets what it deserves
Media, elected officials and the city of Denver all share responsibility for DIA and its problems.


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