Population growth is the problem

  Thanks for your preliminary comments on the need to address population growth in the West (HCN, 12/22/03: Being Green in the Land of the Saints). However, the issue needs to be addressed in the West, nationwide, and worldwide by people who seriously think about environmental quality and humanity’s future.

It’s clear that our species has grown to the point where any action seriously affects our surroundings. We’ve skimmed the cream off the top of our world’s resources — now we are eating into flesh and bone.

Can we honestly look at predictions of additional billions of people on the planet in the next century and think that the overall condition of our environment and the average standard of living for the world’s people will improve? When will policy-makers and statesmen stand up and at least say that population growth is a problem that needs to be discussed, much less acted on? When will mainstream environmental organizations seriously raise these questions and present options for discussion and consideration? Who will lead?

David W. Connally
Brea, California
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