The elephant in the room

  Utah isn’t the only state whose population shies "away from the issue of population growth and large families" (HCN, 12/22/03: Being Green in the Land of the Saints). Politicians of every stripe from every state refuse to talk about it. This, in spite of recent articles about the drought that is hammering the West while population growth is fastest in the same area.

The Census Bureau tells us that the U.S. population grew by 2.8 million in one year, mainly due to immigration and a high birth rate among Hispanics. It stated that as of January 2004, this country records a birth every eight seconds, a death every 13 seconds, and adds an immigrant every 25 seconds. Since politicians control immigration, the scenario described above seems mad.

One can hardly blame Mormons for avoiding the issue if non-Mormons do the same thing. The big elephant in the room is immigration, which accounts for two-thirds of our population growth. Those who are too politically correct to talk about it better not complain about lack of water, crowded schools and highways, sprawl, loss of open space, and high unemployment.

Lorrie Hall
Duxbury, Massachusetts
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