Indian poll power

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  How many American Indian voters does it take to elect an official? The answer should matter to every candidate in this election year, since American Indian votes could swing elections in districts throughout Montana, South Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona.

NativeVote 2004, spearheaded by the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), an organization of tribal governments, is rallying as many Natives as possible to register and vote in November 2004. The group hopes that with encouragement, tribal members will become active in the political process, attend forums, and even run for office. Regional tribal governments, urban Indian centers and related organizations will all participate in the NativeVote effort.

And NativeVote is making sure that candidates know what the major issues are in Indian Country. The goal is to elect officials who support American Indian concerns. Says Lillian Sparks, NCAI staff attorney, "We want to make candidates recognize the power of Native voting."

For more information, see, or call 202-466-7767.
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