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Proposed wilderness on the auction block


Note: This article is a sidebar to this issue's feature story, "Two decades of hard work, plowed under."

The following areas, which are proposed by citizens for wilderness protection, will be up for grabs during the BLM’s January/February 2004 lease sale.

WIA = wilderness inventory area
CWP = citizens’ wilderness proposal

New Mexico (Jan. 21)
Rio Chama CWP (near Taos)
Rawhide Canyon CWP (near Carlsbad Caverns National Park)

Wyoming (Feb. 3)
Kinney Rim North CWP (Vermilion Basin)
Lysite Mountain CWP and Lysite Badlands CWP (near Thermopolis)
Honeycomb CWP (Red Desert)

Colorado (Feb. 12)
Grand Hogback CWP (near Rifle)

Utah (Feb. 17)
Desolation Canyon WIA (along the Green River in the Book Cliffs)
Cripple Cowboy WIA (Book Cliffs)
Daniel’s Canyon WIA (near Dinosaur National Monument)
Bull Canyon WIA (near Vernal)
Desolation Canyon CWP, Diamond Canyon CWP, Bitter Creek CWP,
Sweetwater CWP, Hells Hole CWP (all in the Book Cliffs)
Bull Canyon CWP, Moonshine Draw CWP, Bourdette Draw CWP (all near Dinosaur National Monument).