What's with the uppity New Englanders?

  As a sixth-generation Montanan, and longtime subscriber to High Country News, I usually just read your great paper and keep quiet. But this time I had to pick up my writin’ stick. Lisa Jones’ attempt at regional satire (HCN, 10/27/03: My sensitive man meets culture shock on the range) left me wonderin’ where on earth she came from and if HCN is getting desperate for publishing material.

She seems to forget that if all the peaceful, stable, sensitive Vermont farmers had stayed home milking cows they never kill, there would be no Western culture (as we know it) for her to criticize.

Perhaps, in 200 years, we lowly Westerners will evolve to the level of her sensitive Vermont sweetie who doesn’t eat meat and sports a complicated goatee. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we will just have to try to tolerate uppity New Englanders with our good ol’ Western hospitality. "Once again, it’s a question of temperament — regional temperament."

Mike Stevenson
Swan Valley, Montana
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