The BLM is blowing in the wind

  • Wind farm near Palm Springs, California

    Bureau of Land Management
  It’s no secret that the Bush administration is pushing for increased oil and gas development across the West. But one often-overlooked recommendation of Bush’s National Energy Policy calls for greater reliance on sources of renewable energy, such as the sun and wind.

In response, the Bureau of Land Management is studying the prospects for developing wind energy on its 8.4 million acres of Western lands. Working with the Idaho-based Argonne National Laboratory, the BLM will produce an environmental impact statement to describe plans for generating and distributing wind energy on its lands, monitoring sites where it’s produced, and mitigating any impacts. The statement will also explain how wind development could affect the nation’s energy supply, security and economy.

The public comment period is open until December 19, and the BLM is holding public meetings in Wyoming, Nevada and Idaho. For more information, including where to submit your comments, see
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