Grazing reformers banned from hunting

  If you're a member of the National or Montana Wildlife Federation, don't even think about hunting on the Japanese-owned Selkirk Ranch. Zenchiku Land and Livestock banned federation members from hunting this fall after the groups sued Beaverhead National Forest to force reform of its grazing program, reports the Montana Standard. Zenchiku president John Morse placed an advertisement in several state newspapers, inviting the public to hunt at the ranch, but warning federation members to stay out. The ads also asked readers to "think before you support groups who are dedicated to destroying our Western lifestyle." Tony Jewett of the Montana Wildlife Federation says Morse's action reflects what has become a familiar scenario in the state: out-of-state landowners deciding to bar Montanans from private land. "We find this to be an abysmal trend," says Jewett. "It's ironic that a Japanese company would come in here and buy the land and then close it." Jim Peterson of the Montana Stockgrowers Association says the sportsmen's groups' lawsuit, which has the potential to severely curtail the Beaverhead forest's grazing program, angered ranchers at a time when they were beginning to make positive changes related to federal grazing allotments (HCN, 5/16/94).

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