Looter nabbed in Utah

  The man who once bragged he could outsmart anybody and never get caught has been indicted again for allegedly plundering an ancient Indian ruin. BLM agents caught Earl Shumway, 37, and his accomplice, Peter Verchick, 24, digging up an Anasazi alcove in southeastern Utah in mid-October, reports AP. A search warrant later turned up other artifacts at Shumway's residence in Moab, Utah. When Shumway was arrested on similar charges in 1984, he was placed on probation and agreed to help federal prosecutors with other looting cases. During testimony against another looter he boasted that he had once used a bulldozer to excavate an Indian ruin. He estimated that the number of sites he had pillaged was "in the thousands and thousands." Federal agencies offer rewards for information on illegal excavation of ancient Indian sites. The hotline number is 800/722-3998.

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