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Know the West

Enough partisan divisiveness

  Tweeti Blancett’s article on fighting the gas drilling was timely, after just hearing Alan Greenspan expound on the need for increased drilling to improve our economy (HCN, 6/9/03: Why I fight: The coming gas explosion in the West). I appreciate her clarification that this is not a partisan issue. Nearly all issues these days seem to degenerate into a partisan battle, rather than “doing the right thing.” The bottom-line message I read into the article is that drilling for gas itself is not a bad thing. The problem arises in “... being used by the oil and gas industry, with the help of state and federal officials.”

The rest of the June 9 issue was also wonderful. Great art on the front page and wonderful essays all around. I appreciate the personal tone in the essays. One way to combat the trend to categorize people and issues, making them simple partisan battles, is through building personal connections. My thanks to you and all the writers for making those connections.

Bob Long
Fort Collins, Colorado