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  “If the EPA is going to dive into prime time, why not do it Hollywood-style? Take the leftover $28 million from the dregs of the Superfund account and put on a reality show!”

In “Who needs Superfund when we have reality TV,” Joshua Zaffos considers the EPA’s plan to clean up pollution through a television product-placement campaign. See

“Most people under 45 years of age, when they see smoke in the West in a national forest, they go berserk. Because they’ve been taught that this is a terrible thing, to see a tree burn up. In my opinion, it’s great to see trees burn up.”

Tune in to the final installment of Radio High Country News’ series on Fire in the West to find out why New Mexico rancher Sid Goodloe isn’t afraid of a little fire in his life. You can listen to the show, “Fire Medicine: Healing the land with fire” (vol.4, no.48), at
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