The best memorial

  Responding to fellow soldier Martin Murie’ s proposal to restore the natural (wilderness) balance of the World War II Camp Hale military site (HCN, 3/31/03: A citizen soldier looks beyond war), I can clearly remember two years of great mountain military training there prior to our commitment to the Italian theatre in 1944. I certainly approve of continuing the small memorial to the 10th Mountain Division along the highway adjacent to Camp Hale, but by far the most significant addition would be a project, presumably under the supervision of the U.S. Forest Service, in which the Eagle River drainage system and beautiful prairie is returned to its natural state. Since World War II, many of us have helped memorialize the Tenth through statuary and other conventional ways. This particular project would be fitting and appealing because the landscape ultimately preserved would be such a rare and unique tribute.

John Montagne
Bozeman, Montana

The author is a former First Lieutenant of the 85th Mountain Infantry Regiment.
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