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  Radio High Country News has released the first of a three-part series on fire in the West. The series includes on-the-ground reports and interviews with the scientists, managers policy-makers and writers who are framing today’s debate over fire policy. Listen online at

Are animal-rights activists leading the environmental movement astray? Arizona writer Dave Gowdey believes so. Check out his Writers on the Range column under the Opinion tab at High Country News has pulled together a decade’s worth of its best reporting and essays on fire in a new special report. Fire in the West features the work of Stephen Pyne, Craig Childs, Louise Wagenknecht, Ray Ring and others. Buy a copy at our Web site,, or call 1-800-905-1155.

On Deck: "For once in my life I became pure observer, watching the land with my one eye." So writes conservationist Mike Medberry about a harrowing trip to Idaho’s Craters of the Moon National Monument. His essay anchors HCN’s June 9th summer essay issue, which focuses on the many different ways of viewing the West.
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