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Know the West

Mountain-bikers stink!

  I am out walking, enjoying the peace and quiet, the beauty of the land around me, when all of a sudden I hear, "On your left!" and one or more bikers huff and puff their way around me, leaving the stink of their sweating bodies behind. My sense of peace is ruined by people too lazy to walk.

The 46 million bikers can yell all they want to about how much they love nature, but they miss most of it as they try to conquer trails riding their bikes (HCN, 3/3/03: Get off and walk — wilderness is for wildlife). They don’t see the tiny little flowers or the small little animals that can be observed when walking and they surely miss all the birds! Any self-respecting large animal will be long gone by the time the riders even look up!

I would like to see fewer trails allowing these obnoxious people with their bikes.

Wilderness without bikes forever!

Penelope M. Blair
Powell, Wyoming