The honeymoon is over

  The Honeymoon Is Over

Back in about 1969, middle America married the environment ... After 25 years of marriage, the relationship is growing a little thin ... People who care about rivers - that's you and me - need to court our spouses anew (and) persuade middle America that we really do care about mainstream values.

* Philip Wallin

To spur public dialogue about rivers and watersheds, the nonprofit River Network in Portland, Ore., dedicates its current issue of River Voices to working with the media. Network President Philip Wallin says, "We have to remember the audience is the guy on the street ... ot an environmental activist." The newsletter explains how to work with the press to galvanize fund-raising and increase membership, to pressure or support politicians, and increase public visibility about an issue. Some of the materials in the 20-page quarterly are reprinted from the citizen handbook, How to Save a River, and free copies of the book are available to those who sign on as Partners of River Network. For more details contact River Network, P.O. Box 8787, Portland, OR 97207 (800/423-6747).

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