Be careful what you ask for


Dear HCN,
I am concerned that the mountain-biking community may be starting down the same trail already taken by many outdoorsmen. Hunters and fishermen, many of whom truly care about the environment, strongly support the Bush administration, due in large part to the emotional issue of gun control. The administration has betrayed them with unprecedented attacks on wildlife and wildlife habitat. Now, mountain bikers are making a reasonable request for limited access to wilderness areas (HCN, 3/3/03: The Wild Card). However, do we really want this administration to re-evaluate wilderness rules? Please remember that a dirt bike is just a mountain bike with a motor; an ATV is little more than a dirt bike with training wheels, and a full size SUV is just a large ATV. With a Republican-controlled Congress, it is a very small step from bikes to bulldozers. Be careful what you ask for — you may get far more!

Richard Lisle
Reno, Nevada
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