Americans have a right to recreate

  Dear HCN,
From my perspective, your article "Feds bail on snowmobile ban" (HCN, 11/25/02: Feds bail on snowmobile ban), is a little one-sided. I think that the snowmobile riders are just being Americans, and enjoying themselves.

Now, I myself do not ride snowmobiles, but I do still believe in why this country was formed. These people pay taxes just as well as you do, and have every right to ride in Yellowstone. They are honest, hard-working Americans that deserve to have some fun, however way they choose.

Yes, snowmobiles put out high amounts of pollution, but vehicles driving into the park are also to blame. So instead of banning snowmobiles, get them to run cleaner and quieter. Bans are not the answer.

Kenny Komaroski
Fort Collins, Colorado
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