The Latest Wrinkle

  Dubois, Wyo., has announced a name change. The town council voted in February to change the name of the community to "Doo Wah Diddy." "We thought it sounded more American — you know, patriotic," explained Mayor Roy Bungee. "We want our men and women in uniform to know we’re not a town full of Frenchies." Berkeley, Calif., officials, meanwhile, are considering changing that town’s name to Berkeley, Canada.

Wildlife Services, the federal agency formerly known as Animal Damage Control, has also changed its name — again — as it begins a new campaign against predators. The agency is now the Happy Bunny Protective League, with a lively new logo designed by Disney. "We want to project a positive image," says director Sy Anide.

Washington state has changed its official fish from the wild chinook salmon to the goldfish, reports The Associated Press. "The chinook isn’t long for this world," explained legislator Don Wingy. "We wanted a mascot that actually has a future in the great Northwest." The announcement follows Wyoming’s announcement that it plans to replace the bucking bronc on its license plates with a rocking oil derrick.

The struggle to list Trilobos somethingus as threatened under the Endangered Species Act hit a road block last week, when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department declared that the marine arthropod, along with all other members of the trilobite family, has been extinct since Paleozoic times. Environmental-ists are planning a lawsuit, arguing that extinction is no excuse for not protecting animals.

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