Does your representative make the grade?

  It’s report card time again for Congress, and Western politicians are seeing more Fs than As. According to the League of Conservation Voters’ annual National Environmental Scorecard, Western congressional members had some of the worst environmental voting records in the nation. Out of a possible score of 100, the senators of Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming averaged under eight. Montana’s Rep. Dennis Rehberg earned a zero, earning his state the lowest rating in the House.

The Democrats saved a few states from total failure. Class stars Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada and Rep. Tom Udall of New Mexico both scored over 90, and Colorado’s Representatives Mark Udall and Diana DeGette each scored a perfect 100. California’s senators led the West with an 88 average, and Oregon grabbed the top regional average, 75, for the House.

Twenty-two conservation organizations chose last year’s environmental topics, which included drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, nuclear waste disposal at Yucca Mountain, and increasing fuel efficiency in automobiles.

To see how your representative or senator scored, log onto or order a printed copy of the scorecard by calling 202/785-8683.
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