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Know the West

'Baby factories' are the problem

  Dear HCN,
None of the writers in HCN — including Marston (HCN, 2/3/03: The son of immigrants has a change of heart), Nijhuis (HCN, 12/23/02: Holding open the door to the good life up north) and Pritchett (HCN, 2/17/03: Anti-immigration myopia) — understand that the world population grows by 11,000 babies per hour, 264,000 per day and more than 88 million per year, according to the World Health Organization. Mexico and South America are baby factories not likely to stop unless the pope dies. Our country is being overrun by 2.3 million immigrants per year, legal and illegal. They run from the consequences of no family planning in their own countries, only to bring a "human horde" to our country. With our current immigration-driven growth rate, the U.S.A. will add 200 million people by mid-century. If you think your green lawns and swimming pools are important today, in 50 years you’ll be lucky to flush your toilet and enjoy a glass of water. The more extreme our numbers, the more extreme our children’s consequences. May I suggest www.numbersusa.com to take action.

Frosty Wooldridge
Louisville, Colorado