Build wealth, not walls

  Dear HCN,
I hope Ed Marston found his confession about his “change of heart” regarding immigration therapeutic (HCN, 2/3/03: The son of immigrants has a change of heart). Rather than wring his hands in public, he should take his ideas to their logical conclusion: a 30-foot border wall and citizenship for immigrants that have their tubes tied. Then, perhaps, he’d think before he publishes such trash and realize that, for starters, trying to control the flow of humans is like trying to control the weather.

Only one thing slows population growth in third-world countries: wealth. If we really think Mexicans would be better off with smaller families, we need policies that help Mexicans, not policies that protect Americans. We need trade agreements that spread wealth to the poorest levels of Mexican society rather than exploit their workers and enrich American corporations.

Lastly, we need to stop publishing ideas that lend credibility to the idea that environmentalists are simply racist, middle-class whites.

Matthew Henderson
Albuquerque, New Mexico
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